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It’s the nightmare of every cybersecurity professional. Not only have cybercriminals breached your enterprise’s IT defenses and compromised critical data, but it wasn’t your team that discovered the compromise. Not only did you fail to keep the attacker out – you failed to detect the breach when it happened.

Attend and you’ll learn

How your security organization can keep up with these rapid shifts in process and technology

If AI and machine learning really help your team to detect and mitigate the new wave of sophisticated attacks

More about evolving methods for automating cybersecurity processes, enabling the security team to do more work with fewer staff

Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches

A new virtual event is designed to help you prevent that nightmare from happening to you. Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches — a free, all-day online conference produced by the editors of Dark Reading — offers a look at some of the latest and most effective methods for detecting threats and compromises, as well as the key steps you should take to mitigate them. You’ll get a look at the next wave of threat detection tools and practices, as well as expert advice and recommendations on how to respond to a data breach. Top security experts and researchers will discuss ways to discover sophisticated and targeted exploits, even when they are well obfuscated. Best of all, you’ll get insight on what to do when you’ve discovered those compromises, including how to limit their impact and when to contact law enforcement.

Topics that will be covered:

  • A look at some of the latest tools and practices for detecting a compromise, including EDR and xDR
  • Insight on how your organization can use next-generation technologies such as AI and machine learning to uncover sophisticated attacks
  • Methods for analyzing system logs and threat intelligence to help detect hidden attacks
  • Critical actions to take when you suspect your data has been compromised
  • Key steps to mitigate a compromise and limit its impact
  • Building blocks of an effective incident response plan
  • How to staff and train your cybersecurity analysts and first responders

Key steps to mitigate a compromise and limit its impact.

Building blocks of an effective incident response plan.

How to staff and train your cybersecurity analysts and first responders.


Join us for a full-day virtual event on the latest tools and practices for detecting cyber attacks – and limit their impact.

Agenda at at glance

11:00am ET - KEYNOTE: How Critical Data Breaches Happen

To build an effective cyber defense for your enterprise, you need to know how breaches happen in the first place. In this illuminating keynote address, a top expert on breach forensics outlines the most common ways that attackers penetrate enterprise networks, the methods used to damage or extract critical data, and the most effective ways to mitigate a cyber attack. Learn how to protect your critical data by learning how other organizations have been compromised.


12:30PM ET - KEYNOTE: Building an Incident Response Program That Works

It’s happened. A cyber attacker has penetrated your organization’s defenses and is now inside your network. Are you ready? In this keynote presentation, a top expert on incident response offers a step-by-step guide to building a program for taking action in the event of a compromise. You’ll learn how to collect the data you need to respond to the breach, how to stop it from spreading, how to maximize your resources, and who should be part of your response team. You’ll also learn how you can test your breach response plan to ensure that it works – before a major incident happens.

2:15PM ET - PANEL DISCUSSION: Detecting Data Compromises – Before It’s Too Late

Cyber attacks do most of their damage in the interval between system penetration and the discovery of the compromise. To limit that damage, you need to know how to recognize a cyber attack as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this panel discussion, experts offer insight on the tools and practices used to quickly detect cyber attacks. You’ll learn about best practices for early detection and how to recognize sophisticated attacks that might not be detected by traditional defenses.

3:15PM ET - PANEL DISCUSSION: Mitigating the Impact of Data Breaches Through Orchestration and XDR

Most enterprises have a variety of tools and systems that prevent or detect online attacks – but many of those organizations are compromised anyway because these tools and systems are poorly-integrated and don’t talk to each other. In this panel discussion, experts outline methods for tying security systems and data together to improve incident response. You’ll learn about technologies and processes for orchestrating cybersecurity defenses, as well as emerging tools such as extended detection and response (XDR). Attendees will get insight on how to improve cyber defense by making better use of the technologies they already have.

4:15PM ET - PANEL DISCUSSION: Making Your Security Team More Efficient Through Automation and Outsourcing

One reason why data breaches escalate is because the targeted organization doesn’t have enough staff to respond. In this panel discussion, top experts discuss strategies for closing the security skills gap in your organization. You’ll learn how you can use AI, machine learning, and other technologies to help automate human-intensive tasks in security operations. You’ll also hear about third-party services your enterprise can use to enhance your skill set and provide additional resources at critical times.


  • Alex Pinto
    Alex Pinto Principal Author of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report
  • Justin Fier
    Justin Fier Director for Cyber Intelligence & Analytics, Darktrace
  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams Founder of Rendition Infosec
  • Allan Liska
    Allan Liska Threat Intelligence Analyst, Recorded Future
  • Andy Ellis
    Andy Ellis Operating Partner, YL Ventures and former CSO, Akamai
  • Ori Ammar
    Ori Ammar Head of Presales, Kaspersky North America
  • Eric Parizo
    Eric Parizo Principal Analyst, Security Operations, Omdia
  • Allie Mellen
    Allie Mellen Analyst, Security and Risk, Forrester Research
  • Shad Harris
    Shad Harris Senior Security Expert, Symantec at Broadcom
  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas Information Security Analyst, SecOps, HD Supply, Inc.
  • Curt Franklin
    Curt Franklin Senior Analyst, Security Operations, Enterprise Security Management, Omdia
  • Harpreet Sidhu
    Harpreet Sidhu , Managing Director, Managed Security Services, Accenture
  • Joan Goodchild
    Joan Goodchild Senior Editor, Dark Reading
  • Kelly Jackson Higgins
    Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor, Dark Reading
  • Kevin O’Brien
    Kevin O’Brien CEO, GreatHorn
  • Kelly Sheridan
    Kelly Sheridan Staff Editor, Dark Reading
  • Sara Peters
    Sara Peters Senior Editor, Dark Reading
  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson Editor in Chief, Dark Reading
  • Teju Shyamsundar
    Teju Shyamsundar Senior Product Marketing Manager, Okta

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Explore the environment from a previous Dark Reading Virtual Event. View the slideshow to get an insider look at these key spaces in this virtual event, prior to attending:

Lobby: Navigate your way around the show floor.
Zones: Resource repositories curated by our editors & industry experts.
Auditorium: View live keynotes, panels, and webinar sessions.
Help Desk: Receive 1:1 assistance and the day’s program/agenda.


If you want to get up to date on the latest tools and practices for detecting cyber attacks – and limit their impact — then this virtual event is for you. Register today!



Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches
Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches


Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches
Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches
Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches
Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches
Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches
Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches
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