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Whether it’s customer lists, intellectual property, or a secret recipe, your mission-critical data is what makes your organization unique – the lifeblood of your enterprise. Yet, with one shrewd exploit, an online attacker – or even one of your own employees – could break the security of that critical information. What steps should you be taking to protect it?

Attend and you’ll learn

Strategies for encrypting sensitive information, both in storage and in motion across networks

Methods for ensuring that business partners handle sensitive information as securely as your own users

Recommendations for working with cloud operators and other service providers to ensure the data security

Strategies For Protecting Mission-Critical Data

This free, all-day online conference produced by the editors of Dark Reading, offers a look at the latest tools, strategies, and best practices for protecting your organization’s most sensitive data. Among the topics that will be covered at Strategies for Protecting Mission-Critical Data:

  • Processes and best practices for identifying sensitive data across the enterprise
  • Tips and tools for ensuring that even “trusted users” cannot access or exfiltrate important data without authorization
  • The latest technologies and strategies for protecting on-premises infrastructure, including networks, servers, and storage systems

Get insight on how to store critical information securely, ensure its security when it is passed across networks, and special steps you can take to provide extra protection for your most essential data and information.


Listen to top security experts discuss data encryption strategies, on-prem infrastructure defenses, and how to protect mission-critical data across a host of environments.


Hear expert viewpoints and recommendations on how to protect your mission-critical data, and advice on how to identify and protect sensitive data that might be handled outside the IT department’s knowledge or control.


Join us for a full-day virtual event on tools, technologies, and processes for ensuring the cybersecurity of your enterprise’s most sensitive information.

Agenda at at glance

11:00am ET - KEYNOTE: Protecting the Crown Jewels: Lessons From the CISO’s Office

When you’re responsible for protecting your organization’s most valuable information, you are on the hot seat every day. In this eye-opening keynote, Mike Witt, NASA’s chief information security officer, offers unique insight on key issues, priorities, and strategies for protecting sensitive, mission-critical data. You’ll also hear strategies for adding an extra layer of security to your most important data, as well as a few “war stories” to help you identify potential pitfalls before they happen to you.

12:30PM ET - KEYNOTE: Building and Managing an Effective Security Operations Program

Whether you have a full-blown security operations center (SOC) or just a single security person, there are some functions that every organization must execute in order to keep their most sensitive data safe. In this instructive keynote address, a top SOC expert will discuss some of the key capabilities required for security operations, as well as essential tools, people, and practices for building out the security operations function in your organization.

1:45pm ET - PANEL: Protecting Your Organization From Insider Data Leaks

The most feared online attack is the one that comes from a trusted user who has access to your enterprise’s most critical information. In this panel discussion, top experts outline some of the most common ways that data might be exfiltrated from your organization, either maliciously or accidentally. You’ll also get recommendations on how to monitor your enterprise for data leaks, and how to build systems and policies that help to minimize the insider threat risk.

2:45pm ET - PANEL: Is the Cloud Safe For Mission-Critical Data?

Enterprises have gone beyond the experimentation phase of implementing cloud technology and are now trusting cloud services providers to handle increasingly sensitive business information. What are the most important steps in protecting critical data in the cloud? What additional capabilities do cloud services providers offer for securing very sensitive data? A panel of cloud security experts discusses the areas where cloud services might be vulnerable, and offers advice on how to work with service providers to add special protection for critical information.

3:45PM ET - PANEL: Strategies for Stopping Determined and Targeted Attackers

Most cybersecurity defenses are built to prevent the most common online attacks, as well as automated malware that could infect any organization. But what happens when a sophisticated attacker targets your specific organization, attempting to crack your most valuable intellectual property? In this panel discussion, top experts discuss methods for protecting against determined, sophisticated attackers who know how to build targeted exploits. You’ll get insight on how to recognize a targeted attack, as well as recommendations on how to mitigate it.

4:45 PM ET - SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: Mobile Authentication Challenges: Protecting Against SIM Swap and Account Takeovers

Even though many organizations have implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) through mobile push, or One Time Passwords (OTP) via SMS and mobile apps, these phone-based authentication techniques are not very secure and vulnerable to account takeovers.

Information security professionals should realize they can no longer rely on phone numbers as a secure method of strong authentication. In fact, NIST has deprecated the use of SMS authentication in their guidelines.  Similarly other mobile based authentication methods can also be susceptible to phishing and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The challenges with current phone-based authentication methods
  • The pros and cons of each authentication method
  • How FIDO2 and WebAuthn, the new authentication standards, enable strong, user-friendly authentication
  • Best practices for enterprise authentication


  • Tom August
    Tom August VP & CISO, John Muir Health
  • Frank Aiello
    Frank Aiello VP & CISO, Maximus
  • Colby DeRodeff
    Colby DeRodeff Chief Technology Officer, Verodin, now part of FireEye
  • Alex Burkardt
    Alex Burkardt Vice President of Field Engineering, VERA
  • Megan Stifel
    Megan Stifel Senior Policy Counsel, Global Cyber Alliance
  • Alex Valdivia
    Alex Valdivia Director of Research, ThreatConnect
  • Andy Snowball
    Andy Snowball Director of Incident Response, BAE Systems
  • Nicholas Hayden
    Nicholas Hayden Senior Directtor, Threat Intelligence, Anomali
  • John Yeoh
    John Yeoh Global Vice President of Research, Cloud Security Alliance
  • David Klein
    David Klein Regional Director of Sales Engineering & Architecture, GuardiCore
  • Dave Gruber
    Dave Gruber Senior Analyst, ESG
  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson Editor in Chief, Dark Reading
  • Chad Thunberg
    Chad Thunberg CISO, Yubico
  • Todd Thorsen
    Todd Thorsen Senior Manager, Security Risk and Compliance, Code42
  • Roselle Safran
    Roselle Safran Entrepreneur in Residence - Lytical Ventures
  • Abby Guha
    Abby Guha Senior Director, Product Marketing, Yubico
  • Joe Partlow
    Joe Partlow CTO, ReliaQuest
  • Mike Witt
    Mike Witt ACIO for Cybersecurity & Privacy and SAISO, NASA
  • Curtis Franklin
    Curtis Franklin Senior Editor for Technical Content, Dark Reading
  • Kelly Sheridan
    Kelly Sheridan Staff Editor, Dark Reading
  • Kelly Jackson Higgins
    Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor, Dark Reading
  • Sara Peters
    Sara Peters Senior Editor, Dark Reading

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