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When it comes to enterprise cybersecurity, the only constant is change. On one side, many organizations are being transformed by technological change, including the rapid movement toward cloud services, digital transformation, and the Internet of Things. On the other side, security teams are rethinking their defense strategies to respond to new threats such as ransomware, crypto mining, and next-generation malware. And as if that isn’t enough, major regulatory changes such as GDPR are putting new pressures on enterprise security and privacy.

Attend and you’ll get

Trends and changes in the way online attackers are approaching their victims

Insights on major IT and technology trends, and how they affect security strategy

Tips on how to build a cybersecurity strategy that meets the challenges of 2019 and beyond

Prepare for 2019

At this Dark Reading virtual event, security practitioners, industry visionaries, and technology developers come together to discuss the key changes to expect in the next 12 months – and how you can prepare for them.

What are the key cybersecurity steps that enterprises should be taking in the coming year?
What are the critical changes that IT organizations should anticipate, and how should they prioritize their security initiatives?


Identify key cybersecurity steps enterprises should take in 2019


Explore critical changes that IT organizations should anticipate


Learn how to prioritize your security initiatives


No matter what threats you’re facing – or what the size of your IT security team – you will find useful advice and concrete recommendations that you can use in your own environment.

Agenda at at glance

11:00am ET | KEYNOTE: Cybersecurity Megatrends: What to Prepare For In 2019

Featured speaker: Richard Rushing, CISO of Motorola Mobility

One of cybersecurity’s chief challenges is that it’s a moving target. Today’s IT security professionals must not only wrestle with ever-present challenges such as malware and insider data leaks, but also with emerging exploits from attackers, emerging regulations from government agencies, and emerging digital challenges from technology vendors. In this eye-opening keynote session, a top expert will offer a look at some of security’s top challenges for the coming year – and how you can prepare your organization to meet them.

12:30pm ET | KEYNOTE: Trends in Online Attacks

Featured speaker: Adam Meyers, Vice President, Intelligence at CrowdStrike

Polymorphic malware. Next-generation ransomware that can not only encrypt your data, but destroy it. Nation-state-sponsored surveillance. Hardware-based attacks. Today’s enterprise is faced with a wide range of new exploits and automated attacks – and new threats are being discovered and experienced every day. In this fascinating session, a leading security researcher will offer a look at some of the latest online exploits, as well as some emerging threats that may be in cybercriminals’ arsenal for the coming year. You’ll also get some insight on how to prepare your IT environment for the coming storm.

1:45pm ET | PANEL: New Security Strategies for the Cloud Services Environment

In the early days of cloud technology, most IT teams attempted to apply traditional, premises-based security strategies to the new cloud environment – and found it an uphill struggle. Today, however, enterprises and information security teams are becoming more sophisticated, developing strategies and tools that are designed for the very different world of cloud services and applications. In this panel discussion, cloud experts will offer advice and recommendations on how to approach the problem of cloud security in more advanced and practical ways – and how to prepare for cloud-focused attacks that may emerge in your environment.

2:45pm ET | PANEL: The Internet of Things: What Does It Mean for IT Security?

No matter what your industry, it’s likely that you are now facing new security challenges presented by connected devices that aren’t computers or phones – and aren’t part of your established cybersecurity plan. What are the best ways to prepare your environment to secure IoT technology? How can you manage the risk that this new technology may present to your organization? In this panel discussion, top IoT security thinkers will discuss the various ways that IoT can alter your security strategy – and how to ensure that you’re limiting the risk that IoT technology adds to your enterprise.

3:45pm ET | PANEL: The Next-Generation Security Operations Center

In the past, the IT security department focused most of its efforts on building and managing a secure “perimeter” and spent most of its time managing passwords and access control lists. Today, however, the security operations center (SOC) has become a place for not only building a strong defense against the latest attacks, but for analyzing and responding to new attacks that have evaded traditional defenses. In this panel discussion, SOC experts and leaders offer war stories and recommendations on how to implement the latest tools and practices in SOC operations – and how to prepare your organization for the next major security incident, even if your enterprise doesn’t have a SOC in place.


  • Jeff Costlow
    Jeff Costlow Deputy CISO, ExtraHop
  • Fred Kwong
    Fred Kwong Chief Information Security Officer at Delta Dental
  • Brian Chee
    Brian Chee University of Hawaii SOEST, IT Specialist
  • Curtis Franklin
    Curtis Franklin Executive Editor for Technical Content, Dark Reading
  • Nicholas Hayden
    Nicholas Hayden CISSP, GICSP, Sec+ Senior Director of Threat Intelligence, Anomali
  • John H. Sawyer
    John H. Sawyer Associate Director of Services, IO Active
  • Paul Brager
    Paul Brager Technical Product Security Leader, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
  • Itir Clarke
    Itir Clarke Senior Product Marketing Manager, Proofpoint
  • Mark Guntrip
    Mark Guntrip Director of Product Marketing, Proofpoint
  • Derek Abdine
    Derek Abdine Senior Director, Rapid7
  • Tony Lauro
    Tony Lauro Director of Technology & Security Strategy, Akamai
  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson Editor in Chief, Dark Reading
  • Travis Farral
    Travis Farral Director of Security Strategy, Anomali
  • Adam Meyers
    Adam Meyers Vice President, Intelligence, CrowdStrike
  • Richard Rushing
    Richard Rushing CISO of Motorola Mobility
  • Kelly Sheridan
    Kelly Sheridan Staff Editor, Dark Reading
  • Kelly Jackson Higgins
    Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor, Dark Reading
  • Sara Peters
    Sara Peters Senior Editor, Dark Reading
  • Brendan Owen
    Brendan Owen CEO, Musketeers Group
  • Roselle Safran
    Roselle Safran President, Rosint Labs
  • Brian Genz
    Brian Genz Senior Engineer, Northwestern Mutual
  • Narayan Makaram
    Narayan Makaram Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Arctic Wolf Networks

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This event is a unique opportunity to look at some of 2019’s greatest security challenges – presented by some of the industry’s top experts, security practitioners, and technology developers.


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