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There are an infinite number of ways a cybercriminal could attack your enterprise – but only a limited number that will work consistently, affordably, and with a minimum amount of work. Do you know the cyber attacks that will most likely be used against your organization? More importantly, do you know the best methods to mitigate them?

Attend and you’ll learn

The simplest and most common tricks for cracking enterprise systems and networks

Methods for recognizing and mitigating frequently-used online cyber exploits

Advice on how to use threat intelligence to prevent trending attacks

Cyber Attackers’ Favorite Exploits – And How to Stop Them

Join us for a free, all-day online conference produced by the editors of Dark Reading. This virtual event offers a look at some of the newest and most prevalent types of online attacks targeted at enterprises. You’ll get a look at some of the latest exploits used by today’s cybercriminals, as well as their methods for penetrating your defenses. Top security experts and researchers will discuss commonly-used methods for cracking business data, as well as exploits that steal user credentials. Best of all, you’ll get advice and recommendations on how to detect, analyze, and mitigate these prevalent attacks, and how to frustrate cyber attackers who try to use them.

Among the topics that will be covered:

  • An overview of the latest security vulnerabilities in enterprise applications, and how attackers exploit them
  • A look at some of the newest phishing and social engineering exploits, and how attackers might target your employees
  • Insight on how malware is typically deployed, and how it works after it’s infected your systems

A look at emerging methods to frustrate and deceive online attackers.


How to analyze information on emerging exploits.


How to develop a response plan.


Join us for a full-day virtual event on tools, technologies, and processes for ensuring the cybersecurity of your enterprise’s most sensitive information.

Agenda at at glance

11:00am ET - KEYNOTE: Understanding Cyber Attacks: An Overview of Attacker Methods and Tactics

To build an effective defense, you need to understand the latest exploits of online attackers, and the methods and techniques they are to penetrate enterprises like yours. In this keynote address, Boyden Rohner, Associate Director for Vulnerability Management for the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), will provide an overview of some of the most current and prevalent threats and exploits used by cyber attackers. You’ll also get insight on the vulnerabilities exploited by online attackers, and how you can protect your organization’s critical data.

12:30PM ET - KEYNOTE: Profile of an Online Attack

It’s happened. A sophisticated attacker has chosen your enterprise as its next target, and is now developing a plan to find every possible avenue into your systems and data. What does that plan look like? How will it be executed? In this keynote session, a top penetration tester will describe the many methods used to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in an enterprise’s computing environment. You’ll get a step-by-step look at how a sophisticated attacker would research, assess, and exploit your enterprise assets, and how you can use that information to stop them.

2:15PM ET - PANEL DISCUSSION: Collecting and Using Enterprise Threat Intelligence

To prepare an effective cyber defense, you need an up-to-the-minute understanding of the attackers who would most likely target an organization like yours, and the specific threats your team is likely to face. This “threat intelligence” can be collected from many sources, but it takes a special set of processes and tools to analyze the information and assess the threat to your specific enterprise. In this panel discussion, top experts on threat intelligence offer insight on how to identify, analyze, and interpret threat intelligence data to help build an effective defense for your organization.

3:15PM ET - PANEL DISCUSSION: Detecting and Analyzing Enterprise Security Data

Today’s sophisticated attackers have developed a wide range of staging an online attack, often using multi-pronged exploits that are designed to evade traditional enterprise defenses. To detect this type of attack, your organization needs processes and tools that can winnow through a wide range of security telemetry and ferret out potential indicators of compromise. How does this analysis work? How much of it can be automated? What role do artificial intelligence and machine learning play in security analysis? In this panel discussion, experts will discuss the issues and challenges facing today’s security analyst, and how your organization can improve its detection and analysis processes.

4:15PM ET - PANEL DISCUSSION: Building and Managing an Effective Incident Response Process

Your security team has discovered a potential cyber compromise. Now you’ll need tools and processes for assessing the incident, determining its validity, and discovering the extent of the damage. You’ll also need tools and processes for stopping the attack and mitigating its effects. In this panel session, top experts offer their insights on building an effective incident response program, including the people who need to be involved, the technology you’ll need to assess and remediate, and the processes you’ll need to initiate a quick response.


  • Boyden Rohner
    Boyden Rohner Associate Director for Vulnerability Management, Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
  • Juliet U. Okafor, JD
    Juliet U. Okafor, JD CEO & Founder, Revolution Cyber
  • Kevin O’Brien
    Kevin O’Brien CEO, GreatHorn
  • Roger Grimes
    Roger Grimes Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, KnowBe4
  • Terence Jackson
    Terence Jackson Chief Information Security Officer, Thycotic
  • Kevin Haley
    Kevin Haley Director, Product Management for Symantec Security Response, Broadcom
  • John Bambenek
    John Bambenek President, Bambenek Labs
  • Ilia Sotnikov
    Ilia Sotnikov VP of Product Management, Netwrix
  • Darren Meyer
    Darren Meyer Manager, Applied Research Group, Veracode
  • Curtis Fechner
    Curtis Fechner Technical Director, Optiv
  • John H. Sawyer
    John H. Sawyer Director of Services, Red Team IOActive, Inc.
  • Greg Iddon
    Greg Iddon Threat Response Strategist, Sophos
  • Yaron Levi
    Yaron Levi CISO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City
  • Ziv Mador
    Ziv Mador VP of Security Research, Trustwave
  • Eric Parizo
    Eric Parizo Senior Analyst, Ovum
  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson Editor in Chief, Dark Reading
  • Sara Peters
    Sara Peters Senior Editor, Dark Reading
  • Kelly Jackson Higgins
    Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor, Dark Reading
  • Kelly Sheridan
    Kelly Sheridan Staff Editor, Dark Reading

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If you want to know more about the tools, techniques, and practices of today’s online attackers – and get insight on how your organization can detect, analyze, and mitigate them — then this virtual event is for you. Register today!





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