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The worst has happened. Online attackers have penetrated your cyber defenses and are threatening your most sensitive data. What should you do now? In this fascinating and educational virtual event, you will hear advice and recommendations from some of the cybersecurity industry’s top experts and speakers on the critical issues of breach investigation and incident response.

Attend and you’ll learn

Best practices and technologies for identifying potential data compromises

Strategies and processes for recognizing sophisticated attacks that evade everyday defenses

What steps to take in the first hour after discovering a suspected compromise

Who should be involved in the initial response, and when to bring in third parties or law enforcement

How to determine the extent of a breach, and what system/partners may be affected

Prepare for 2020

This all-day online conference, produced by the editors of Dark Reading, will help you and your organization prepare for those “very bad days” when you suspect that your mission-critical data has been compromised. Attend the event and you’ll:

  • Hear about tools and best practices for detecting a breach – even when it’s well-obfuscated
  • Learn how to analyze multiple indications of compromise to reveal a sophisticated attack
  • Receive first-hand expertise on what to do in the first hours of a major breach, whether to pull the plug on infected systems, and when to call in law enforcement
  • Get expert advice on how to determine the extent of a data compromise, how to stop it, how to remediate your systems, and how to handle legal and business consequences that may follow

Build a thorough process for system remediation, including partner and service provider environments


Be ready for the aftermath: legal liabilities, cyber insurance, and restoring customer/user confidence


Collect and apply knowledge from data compromises to improve your enterprise defenses


Join us for a full-day virtual event on detecting cyber breaches and implementing incident response.

Agenda at at glance

11:00am ET | KEYNOTE: Anatomy of a Data Breach

We’ve all seen the headlines – another organization has been hacked, disclosing sensitive business information. But in most cases, that breach began months, even years before the headlines. In this unusual keynote address, you’ll hear about the full lifecycle of a data breach – from its conception by cybercriminals to its detection by the victim organization to its resolution by security and incident response teams. Get an insider’s view of a critical data compromise – and the lessons it teaches about how to defend your own enterprise data.

12:30pm ET | KEYNOTE: Building and Managing an Effective Incident Response Program

To effectively handle a major data compromise, you must build a plan in advance. How will the incident be detected? Who will handle first response? How will you stop the attack and repair the damage, and how will you inform those who might be affected? In this informative session, a top expert on cyber incident response will offer a roadmap for developing an effective incident response initiative. You’ll learn about the tools and processes needed for early detection, breach investigation, and system remediation. You’ll also get insight on who should be involved in an IR program, and how to rehearse your team – before they face the real thing.

1:45pm ET | PANEL: The First 24 Hours: Advice to First Responders in a Critical Data Breach

Experts agree: the damage caused by a major data breach depends heavily on the decisions made in the first 24 hours after its discovery. How is the compromise detected? Should the affected systems be taken offline? Should service providers and business partners be called in to help? Should law enforcement be notified? In this fascinating session, a panel of experienced cyber first responders discuss how successful organizations have minimized the damage by making the right decisions in the initial hours of an online attack. You’ll also get a look at the pitfalls that enterprises encounter in those first 24 hours, and how the wrong choices can make the effects of a data breach significantly worse.

2:45pm ET | PANEL: Analyzing and Remediating Online Attacks

To limit the damage caused by a cyber compromise, your team must quickly be able to analyze and predict its potential effects. What is the extent of the compromise, and what downstream systems (or business partners) could it affect? Once inside your network, what lateral moves could an attacker make, and how can you limit them? Most importantly, how can you quickly remediate all associated systems to keep the damage at a minimum? In this panel discussion, top security analysts and experts offer advice on how to determine the extent of a data breach, how to limit its impact, and how to prevent that same attack from happening again.

3:45pm ET | PANEL: The Aftermath: Managing the Damage Caused By a Major Data Breach

The worst is over. Your organization has detected an online compromise, determined the damage, stopped the attackers, and repaired the affected systems. But you’re not out of the woods yet. What legal liabilities might your organization face as the result of the breach? Should you file a cyber insurance claim? What steps should you take to ensure that a similar breach doesn’t happen again – and how can you assure customers and business partners that you have taken those steps? In this panel session, you’ll get insight on the long-term impacts of data breaches – including the technical, legal, and financial steps your organization may need to take. You’ll also get recommendations on how to reduce the impact of a major breach, and how to shore up your systems and processes to prevent future compromises.

4:30pm ET | SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: The Deathly Hallows of Application Security - Flaws, Vulnerabilities & Exploits

We’ve all seen the headlines – another organization has been hacked, disclosing sensitive business information. But in most cases, that breach began months, even years before the headlines. In this unusual keynote address, you will get a better understanding of what is behind a data breach – particularly the extent to which cyber attackers can exploit software flaws and vulnerabilities. Get an insider’s view of a critical data compromise – and the lessons it teaches about how to defend your own enterprise data. You will leave the session understanding how to identify and address risk factors, how attackers exploit vulnerabilities & the extent to which organizations rely on Application Security to secure the SDLC.

4:30pm ET | SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: The Story on Backstory: How Chronicle is looking to solve global security challenges at global scale

Organizations need tools to link intelligence about threats in the wild, threats in your network, and understand unique signals from both. Without the ability to find the bad guys in your network, security teams are unable to be effective in their roles.  At RSA 2019, Chronicle, an Alphabet company, launched Backstory, a global security telemetry platform designed for a world that thinks in petabyte.  In this webcast, learn how Chronicle is looking to solve these far too common security challenges at scale, with a focus on speed and efficacy with this new security intelligence platform. You’ll also experience a demo of Backstory and see what’s new and what’s next.


  • Finian Mackin
    Finian Mackin Senior Product Manager, Anomali Inc.
  • Dr. Anton Chuvakin
    Dr. Anton Chuvakin Head of Solution Strategy, Chronicle, LLC
  • Richard Rushing
    Richard Rushing CISO, Motorola Mobility
  • Elizabeth Burgin Waller
    Elizabeth Burgin Waller Principal, Wood Rogers PLC
  • Candy Alexander
    Candy Alexander CISSP CISM
  • Ashley Nuckols
    Ashley Nuckols Principal Consultant, Crowdstrike
  • Suzanne Widup
    Suzanne Widup Senior Analyst, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  • Eric Scales
    Eric Scales Managing Director - Security Consulting Services, Mandiant, FireEye
  • Christopher Novak
    Christopher Novak Global Director, Threat Research Advisory Center, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  • Andrew Morrison
    Andrew Morrison Principal, Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte
  • Charles Carmakal
    Charles Carmakal VIce President, CTO Strategic Services - Mandiant, FireEye
  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson Editor in Chief, Dark Reading
  • Abhik Mitra
    Abhik Mitra Senior Product Marketing Manager, Code42
  • Amit Patel
    Amit Patel Product Manager, Chronicle LLC
  • Jody Caldwell
    Jody Caldwell Director of Customer Success, ThreatConnect
  • Justin Harvey
    Justin Harvey Managing Director – Security Global Incident Response Lead, Accenture
  • Paul Farrington
    Paul Farrington EMEA CTO and Security Architect, Veracode
  • Curtis Franklin
    Curtis Franklin Senior Editor for Technical Content, Dark Reading
  • Kelly Sheridan
    Kelly Sheridan Staff Editor, Dark Reading
  • Kelly Jackson Higgins
    Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor, Dark Reading
  • Sara Peters
    Sara Peters Senior Editor, Dark Reading

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If you want to know more about the do’s and don’ts associated with incident response, as well minimizing the time and cost associated with a major data breach, then this virtual event is for you. Register today!






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